house-plans-424If you were to build a house or make a cake or take a trip you would most likely have a plan.

A good plan identifies what you’re trying to make or where you want to go and how to get there, including knowledge of all the ingredients needed to make it happen.

The story is told of a carpenter who was invited by a king to help build his palace. The carpenter decided to accept the invitation and began his journey to the king’s location. However, along the way he got distracted, built his own house and got comfortable. Did he ever arrive? We’ll see on Sunday.

Christians and churches can become like that too. We are invited by the King to come and help build His kingdom. However, along the way we build a “church” and get comfortable with our building, programs and lives, forgetting the kingdom the King has called us to participate in.

Mark Labberton, in his book “The Dangerous Act of Worship” describes Christians and churches as having “falling asleep.” Like the previous story, he suggests that the very things we do as Christians have put us to sleep in relationship to God’s mission and His kingdom.

In contrast we hear God’s word (Ephesians 5:14) saying,

“Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead,
    and Christ will shine on you.”

In the midst of summer vacations and holidays that can lull us to sleep in our relationship with God and his kingdom I am planning to introduce the congregation to six or maybe seven words that all begin with the letter “F.” Each of these words will speak of God’s calling and invitation for us to participate in God’s mission of forgiveness, life and salvation.

Enjoy your summer, but remember the God who has an eternal summer waiting for you to come and be part of.

– Pastor Tim


  • Huge Garage Sale for Mission…August 21-23