A Whole Week

holyweekThe Christian faith refers to this week as “Holy Week.” It’s actually an entire week focused on the events leading to and including Christ’s death and resurrection.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, and continues with the anointing of Jesus (Monday), Jesus’ speech about his impending death (Tuesday), the plans to betray Jesus (Wednesday), the Last Supper (Thursday), Christ’s death (Good Friday), the vigil of waiting (Saturday) and finally, the resurrection (Sunday).

For Christians, the climax of God’s plan for our salvation is Christ’s death and resurrection. We believe that it is through Christ’s death that God has offered the world forgiveness of sins and that it is through Christ’s resurrection that we have the promise of life with God both now and forever. This is the package deal God has offered all people.

Even so, many Christians bypass Good Friday and only show up for Easter Sunday. Do they not realize that you can’t get to the destination (life with God) without the airfare (forgiveness of sins).

No amount of earned air miles will make up for missing the point of Good Friday. But then who would want to miss this event since it proclaims to us that Christ has purchased the airfare for us. Yes, it’s free and all we have to do is show up and receive it by faith.

What an incredible offer. It’s why we want to invite you and others to join us in gathering on Good Friday to remember this free gift of God’s forgiveness through Christ’s death on the cross and then…we also invite you to join us on Easter Sunday where God is waiting to offer us the fullness of life through Christ’s resurrection.

Yes, in the midst of whatever struggles you may be facing God desires to bring you into a life filled with joy, peace and love.

So what are you waiting for? This is a week long excursion that you cannot pass up!

– Pastor Tim


  • Agape Feast (Potluck and Lord’s Supper) – Maundy Thursday, April 17 @ 6:30 pm
  • The choir will be singing Good Friday (10:30 am) and Easter Sunday (10:30 am).
  • Walk of the Cross (Friday, 12:30 pm)
  • Easter Sunday Breakfast: 9 am
  • Special Congregational meeting: Sunday, April 27 (after worship)…First reading of new constitution.
  • Congregational Planning Event: Saturday, May 3 (9 am – 12 noon)