wealthIn 2011 the average Albertan family earned $89,000 per year. Average household income in Ponoka (2010) was $84,000. The average world household income was $10,000 (2013). The ten wealthiest countries in the world had average incomes fifty times greater than the 10 poorest countries.

We don’t think much about where this wealth comes from. It’s kind of like asking city children where milk comes from. “The grocery store, of course.”

However, if we were able to trace backwards the dollar that went into our bank accounts or the dollar that was saved because of our ability to purchase cheap products from places we would never live in, we would discover an ugly truth: we are the benefactors of an oppressive system.

The question this week is, “How should Christians today deal with possessions and wealth?” “Are possessions and wealth evils that God hates, or can people have possessions if they do not let them become a source of security?” “Are large homes and expensive furniture forbidden, or is God mainly concerned with how people value these objects?”

Come and join us this Sunday as we hear God address these matters through the words of the prophet Amos.


  • Pastor Tim is away this week at the LCMC NW District Conference in Post Falls, Idaho.
  • Agape Feast (Potluck and Lord’s Supper) – Maundy Thursday, April 17 @ 6:30 pm
  • The choir will be singing Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  • Special Congregational meeting: Sunday, April 27 (after worship)…First reading of new constitution.
  • Congregational Planning Event: Saturday, May 3 (9 am – 12 noon)