Back at you

ME_175_FingerPoint22As a preacher myself, I’ve noticed a change in the use of hands by television preachers. It used to be that there was a lot of “finger-pointing,” but now the hands tend to be held more open when addressing people.

At some juncture in my life I was told that when you point a finger at someone else there are three pointing back at you. It’s perhaps why when I preach, I preach to myself first and then to others.

Last week the prophet Amos seemed to have his fingers pointing at all the nations around Israel and Judah. This week, the fingers are pointing back at himself and his own people.

The revelation of God’s will and his salvation has been made known to many in this country and to us, the Church. God’s grace has been poured out for us and for many.

The problem is being blessed so greatly by God is that we’re also more accountable.

This week the mirror is turned back on us. It’s “back at you” as some youth like to say.

Will we run and hide like Adam and Eve or come into the light to be renewed again?

I hope you will join us in the light.

– Pastor Tim