Dieing to live

ExCrossAThings must die so that other things can live. That’s the bizarre reality of life on this planet and it is at the heart of Lent too.

We will start Lent on Ash Wednesday by confessing our sins and dieing to ourselves that Christ can raise us to new life through faith in his promise to forgive.

Then on Sunday we will be introduced to the prophet Amos who had to die to his way of life so that he could carry God’s message of death and hope to God’s people.

On Sunday we will also have the opportunity to hear from a couple of missionaries we support in the Middle East. They and those they serve are dieing to their security so that others may experience new life through Christ.

What is Christ calling you to die to that you may have new life?

– Pastor Tim


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  • Shrove Tuesday Supper: March 4 (5 pm)
  • Ash Wednesday Service: March 5 (6:30 pm)
  • Council Retreat: March 8 (8:30 am – 2:30 pm)
  • Congregational members are invited to gather to review the new proposed constitution for our congregation on Saturday, March 8 from 1030 am to noon. Lunch to follow.
  • Hear from guests about what God is doing in the M.E. (Sunday, March 9)
  • Daylight Savings Change: March 9
  • May 17 – Pray for Mongolia