Salt and Light Christians

Salt-and-LightAs I prepare for this coming week’s message from Matthew 5:13-16 I am asking myself, “What does it look like to be a ‘salt’ and ‘light’ Christian?” What does a congregation look like that is salty and shining with Christ?

I was reading an article that described how many people called St. Francis of Assisi crazy when his life started changing because of Christ. Young adults and others in his village would even jeer and spit at him.

I bring that up not to suggest that you or I have to make a spectacle of ourselves to prove our saltiness as Christians. At the same time though, is anyone actually tasting the difference in your life or mine because of Christ? Does anyone see Christ because of the light that shines from us?

Meditate on these thoughts as you join your brothers and sisters this week in small groups and in worship and as you head out bearing the name of Christ.

– Pastor Tim


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