The Front Door into God’s Kingdom

front-doors-00I read somewhere that one of the features that helps sell a house is the front door. The front door should say, “If you think this is good, just wait till you get inside.”

It reminds me of another saying that warns us about taking fancy front doors too seriously, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

Like homes with “nice” doors, there are many people who put on a good front, but once you get to know them…well, let’s just say we’re disappointed.

Jesus was not interested in putting on good fronts. With him, “what you saw was what you got.” He could be firm (“Repent”), loving, angry or compassionate.

However, there was one front door he constructed that was truly odd. It was called the “Beatitudes” and they painted the front door leading into the kingdom of heaven.

This week we will open that door and explore the kind of people Jesus describes as “inheritors of the kingdom of God.”

– Pastor Tim


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