God’s Mission in Harmony

Preaching-Teaching-and-Healing_enl__64968_zoomI’ve been reading an article in which the authors describe three gospels that dominate North American society.

The first is the gospel of soul winning. In churches that emphasize this gospel the most important goal is to bring a person to Christ: conversion.

The second gospel is that of taking care of the church. In this gospel people ensure that they have a beautiful building and a well run organization with good programming. The goal is to grow the church as an institution.

The third gospel is that of social activism. The people here are constantly trying to right the world of perceived injustices. The goal is a world where all people have access to what it takes to be fully human.

Evangelism, ministry and justice are all important, but when they become the sole focus of any ministry they distort the gospel.

Jesus came teaching, preaching and healing and this week we want to explore the balance in our life that is needed to participate in God’s mission.

– Pastor Tim


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