The Value of Life

value of lifeOn Sunday we witnessed the baptism of a young child. That child was valued by his parents from the moment they became aware of his existence. Even more amazing is that God valued him before his existence.

In contrast, there were 93,755 induced abortions across Canada in 2009. More than 13,000 of these were in Alberta. 16% of them were by young women under the age of 19. Women between the ages of 20 and 29 had the greatest number (54%). More than 40% of these were terminated when the child was 9-12 weeks old.

Worldwide there are 40-50 million abortions performed every year. Compare that to other annual causes of death:  hunger (7.6 million), heart (7 million), stroke (6.2 million) and HIV/AIDS (1.6 million).

Certainly death is inevitable for all of us, but death is also the product of human brokenness. Sometimes death results from a passive brokenness like when a hundred year old person dies from pneumonia. At other times, death is more actively caused by our actions: poor diet, inappropriate sexual choices, not sharing resources with the poor or an inconvenient pregnancy.

In spite of our rebellious ways and poor choices, Christ chose to offer us life in the midst of death by giving his life for us. Through Christ’s death on the cross God has offered us forgiveness and a new beginning to life.

Christ has valued our life by giving us his own and out of that gift God has sent us back into the world to support life in all its forms.

– Pastor Tim

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