Something new this Christmas: The Prosperity of Abundant Life

The Prosperity of Abundant Life
The Prosperity of Abundant Life

I’ve just finished reviewing a DVD by Pat Robertson of the 700 Club entitled: “How Shall We Live?” In this production Robertson answers what he considers to be the key questions for life.

One of these questions has to do with money and the “blessed life.” In answering it he tries to distance himself from the so-called “prosperity gospel,” but then says such things as “if we live according to the Lord’s principles we will accumulate money…” and “God does want people to be prosperous?”

In contrast, Jesus and the other New Testament writers do not speak of this kind of prosperity. Instead, they describe a fullness of life (John 10:10) within God’s kingdom that goes far deeper than wealth or the “stuff” of Christmas.  

It was the prosperity of God’s kingdom of love in Christ that led early Christians to stay behind in cities during times of plague to care for the sick and dying when everyone else fled to protect themselves and their wealth.

“How shall we live?” is a great question. Shall we be like everyone else, seeking to accumulate wealth or shall we follow Jesus who desires for us an abundant life of love, peace and joy through serving the needs of people around us?

– Pastor Tim

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