Something new this Christmas: The Position of Righteousness

The Position of Righteousness
The Position of Righteousness

What would be the “perfect” Christmas for you? Family together?…Singing “Silent Night” under the glow of burning candles?…With big fat snowflakes falling…? Wait! Skip the snow. I think we’ve already had enough snow for two Christmases.

We may not be looking for a perfect Christmas, but certainly one that is pretty good. And yet around Christmas time hovers a dark cloud. For some it’s sickness and death. For others it’s depression. For many, it is simply disappointment.

What kind of Christmas has God prepared for you? The Christmas story tells of a baby born in a barn chased by a king who would eventually slaughter hundreds of other babies. It’s a story of angels announcing the birth of this child to a few lowly shepherds and singing:

“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

It doesn’t appear that God was very interested in a “perfect” Christmas, but I do know he was looking to make it right.

So come and join us this Advent season as we prepare to meet the One who made Christmas and us right. Perhaps God can indeed make you and your Christmas right too.

– Pastor Tim

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