God’s Dream…opposed by death!

cemetery_forest homeI was on my internship, single and with lots of time to spare. So I decided one day to give a couple of parents an afternoon break and take their kids on a joy ride.

Along the way I stopped at the local cemetery. There we walked through the graveyard, me trying to answer their many questions. Twenty years later I heard that these children, now adults, still talk of that time.

Kids have the greatest questions about death; questions like, “Is it dark under there?” and “Where do you go potty?” and “How do you get to heaven?”

We can define death in physical terms, but death and what happens after death remains such a mystery, with more questions than answers. Still, we have managed to produce some responses to death that reflect the witness of the Scriptures and other responses that simply represent our personal hopes.

Even so, we live in a world so afraid of death; focused on the here and now, always trying to fight against death and yet, so wrapped up in producing it.

God’s dream, although about life, doesn’t pull us out of death and dying, but calls us to trust the One who has overcome death.

God’s dream takes us beyond death and into the fullness of life in Christ both now and forever.

Though opposed by death each of us can have a place in God’s dream through faith in God’s promise that because of Christ death will not win the final victory. Thanks be to God!

– Pastor Tim

At Trinity ELC we offer the following opportunities to learn, be encouraged and to live out God’s dream in your life, alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ and with those God loves through Christ:

  • Tuesday (Nov.5): Equipped for Ministry: – Worship Conversation (7:00 pm)
  • Wednesday (Nov.6): Share a meal with some of Jesus’ people at the Rising Sun Clubhouse and live God’s dream (12 pm)
  • Wednesday (Nov.6): Men’s Bible Study (Luke 20:27-40)
  • Wednesday (Nov.6): Confirmation (4 pm) – Study on Luke 20:27-40
  • Wednesday (Nov.6): Living the Faith…God’s Dream: dealing with indifference
  • Thursday (Nov.7): Praying for God’s dream  (1:30 pm)
  • Thursday (Nov.7):  Confirmation (4 pm) – Study on Luke 20:27-40
  • Thursday (Nov.7): Learning the Faith (7 pm) – Bible Study on Luke 20:27-40
  • Sunday (Nov.10): Worship (10:30 am) – God’s Dream – opposed by death!
  • Tuesday (Nov. 12)…No equipping session this week
  • Wednesday (Nov.13): Living the Faith (7 pm) – dealing with death
  • Thursday (Nov.14): Praying for God’s Dream (1:30 pm)