God’s Dream…opposed by indifference!

the-opposite-of-love-is-not-hatein•dif•fer•ence (ɪnˈdɪf ər əns, -ˈdɪf rəns)

  1. lack of interest or concern.
  2. unimportance; little or no concern.
  3. the quality or condition of being indifferent.
  4. mediocrity.

Or perhaps you’ve heard someone make one of these comments that express indifference: “have other fish to fry,” “not give a fig,” “not give a hoot,” or “not give a rap.”

I was happy to see my eighteen-year-old daughter vote in her first election. She may not have known all the candidates or understood the issues, but she took serious her responsibility to vote.

Unfortunately, 60-65% of eligible voters did not cast a ballot in the most recent municipal election. There may be many reasons for this, but the one that seems to sum up most of them is “indifference.”

Indifference is feeling unresponsive, uncaring, or unconcerned about a given situation. It’s an attitude that causes people to turn the other way believing that they cannot make a difference; that someone else will step in; or someone else will take care of it.

The problem with such an attitude for us as Christians is that our God-given sense of responsibility often wages war against this line of thinking and creates an internal battle.

Like Zacchaeus, who we will meet in the text for this week, we know there’s a choice to be made. We can choose to hide in the crowd, or climb a tree to get a better view. We could even turn the other way, or with the Spirit’s power throw ourselves into the middle of the action and allow God to work through us to touch the lives of others.

God’s dream is that we would fight against complacency and indifference in our world. God’s dream is that we would allow ourselves to be instruments of God’s kingdom here on earth. God’s dream is that we would respond to the work God is doing in and through our lives.

So come join us this week and gain some inspiration from Zacchaeus’ refusal to be indifferent. 

– Pastor Tim

At Trinity ELC we offer the following opportunities to learn, be encouraged and to live out God’s dream in your life, alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ and with those God loves through Christ:

  • Tuesday (Oct.29): Equipped for Ministry: – Council Call Committee (6:30 pm) NCD Leadership Team (7:30 pm)
  • Wednesday (Oct.30): Share a meal with some of Jesus’ people at the Rising Sun Clubhouse (12 pm) or visit one of God’s Champions at the Champion Center this week…Live God’s dream!
  • Wednesday (Oct.30): Men’s Bible Study (1 pm)…Luke 19:1-10
  • Wednesday (Oct.30): Confirmation (4 pm) – Study on Luke 19:1-10
  • Wednesday (Oct. 30): Living the Faith…God’s Dream: addressing pride
  • Thursday (Oct. 31): Praying for God’s dream  (1:30 pm)
  • Thursday (Oct. 31):  Confirmation (4 pm) – Study on Luke 19:1-10
  • Thursday (Oct. 31): Learning the Faith (7 pm) – Bible Study on Luke 19:1-10
  • Sunday (Nov.3): Worship (10:30 am) – God’s Dream – opposed by indifference!
  • Tuesday (Nov. 5)…Worship Conversations (7 pm)
  • Wednesday (Nov. 6): Living the Faith (7 pm) – opposing indifference
  • Thursday (Nov. 7): Praying for God’s Dream (1:30 pm)