Lost and Found

lostdogWe’ve all seen those signs that say “Lost.” Most often it’s a cat or dog that has wandered away. However, one day I was surprised to see a sign posted on a lawn: “Lost Turtle.”

Saddest though, are the signs that read “Missing Child.” I can barely imagine the incredible emptiness that comes with such an experience from those times when one of my children have gone missing briefly.

Not everything that goes missing is always valuable though. For example, most of us will not spend much time looking for a lost button. On the other hand, people are willing to invest incredible resources to find a child.

These thoughts made me wonder whether a person can become lost to God?

Jesus once told the story about a lost sheep and a lost coin (Luke 15:1-10) and there are many other passages throughout the Scriptures that speak of people becoming lost (Psalm 73:27; Ezekiel 34:16; Matthew 10:6).

Even Martin Luther talked about being lost in his explanation to the second article of the Apostles’ Creed.

What does it mean to be lost in God’s eyes? Can we get lost from God?

And if we’re lost, why doesn’t God act to find us? Or is God actually seeking us out?

Is being lost perhaps more our issue than God’s?

And what does it mean to be found? Did I find God or did God find me? How was I found?

And if I am found, do I have any responsibility for those who are still lost? Does it matter if they are lost or that I am part of God’s search party?

Join us at Trinity ELC as we seek to learn the faith, live the faith and become equipped to participate in God’s mission in the world.

  • Wednesday (Sept.11): Lunch with some of Jesus’ people at the Rising Sun Clubhouse (12 pm)
  • Wednesday (Sept.11): Confirmation (4 pm) – Study on Luke 15:1-7 and the Apostles’ Creed: Second Article – Who has redeemed me, a lost and condemned person…
  • Thursday (Sept.12):  Confirmation (4 pm) – Study on Luke 15:1-7 and the Apostles’ Creed: Second Article – Who has redeemed me, a lost and condemned person…Thursday (Sept.12): Learning the Faith (7 pm) – Bible Study on Luke 15:1-10
  • Sunday (Sept.15): Worship – Rejoice with Me: Lost and Found
  • Tuesday (Sept.17): Equipping for Faithful Ministry (Council) – Seeking out the Lost
  • Wednesday (Sept.18): Living the Faith (7 pm) – Reaching the Lost
  • Thursday (Sept.19): Praying for the Lost (1:30 pm)