From Pastor Tim

Pastor Tim_PhotoWell, the cat is back…fighting some kind of illness (perhaps too good a vacation), but trying to catch up on all that has collected while I was away and all that is coming quickly this fall.

Our focus this coming year is on need-oriented evangelism. We’re seeking to learn and practice how to share our faith with those in need.

Every day we meet people who are in need. To be in need doesn’t mean one is necessarily materially poor. The wealthy can be spiritually poor and in need.

In reality, we are all in need. Our challenge is recognizing it ourselves and stopping long enough to listen or see the needs of others. To share faith requires first stopping and listening for the brokenness in people’s lives.

So as you move through this week, take time to intentionally stop and listen for the brokenness in people’s lives. Don’t feel like you have to do anything about it. Learning to listen and also see are important first steps to participating in God’s mission as evangelists, messengers of Good News.