Where did you go today?

Where you went today is where God sent you? So what did you do with those opportunities?

At Trinity ELC we are on a mission: to participate in sharing the good news of God’s kingdom with the specific people you meet in the specific places you are.

To be on a mission means that all Christians, not just the professionals, are sent.

We are sent by God where He has placed us:

  • In offices
  • In neighborhoods
  • In coffeeshops
  • In libraries
  • In grocery stores
  • On farms

Missional means that every visit to Tim Horton’s is a “short term mission trip”

Click through this “Haiku Deck” to discover all the ways you can be missional and go for it…

About TELC

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is an assembly of about 400 persons whom God has called and gathered into Christian community through their baptism into Christ's death and resurrection in order to participate in God's mission here in Ponoka Town and County and wherever we journey.
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