From Pastor Tim

compassionA healthy body attends to the pain of the weakest part. – Dr. Paul Brand

This was the quote I heard as I listened to the audio book, What Good is God? while driving to Ponoka this morning. It reminded me of our mission as God’s people here at Trinity ELC: to share the good news of God’s forgiveness, love and life with those in pain.

Who are the people you are encountering? What are their situations? Do you hear their pain? Their brokenness? Can you hear your own?

This is a full week for me: planning meetings around Council, Sunday school and worship. In addition to listening for God’s Word this week (read 1 John 1:5-10 in preparation) I am getting ready to officiate at the wedding of my niece on Saturday.

Will I be able to hear the pain in the lives of those struggling with physical or mental illness? Will I hear the pain of the lonely who cannot find a friend or marriage partner? Will I hear the loneliness of the elderly person or the depression of grief of those missing loved ones who have died? Can I hear my own pain in the midst of rushing around to serve others?

If I can hear my own pain then perhaps God can shower me with the good news of Christ’s love, forgiveness and life. And if I can experience such good news then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to share that with another wounded traveler along the road of life.

Can you imagine a whole congregation of us admitting our pain, but then professing God’s amazing grace and healing? Can you imagine a whole congregation of us attending to the pain of those suffering is silence and sometimes out loud?

What a healthy and vibrant church we would be!

May you both experience and pass along the good news of God’s healing love this week. Perhaps you could bring a story to share on Sunday.

– Pastor Tim

Bonus: A recent study by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada identified numerous reasons why children and youth are leaving the church. One of the many cited was the separation of children from adults in worship. Check out this article: Children’s Church, the Entertainment Culture, and the Story of God for more on this topic.