This Week at TELC

YeeHawWell, yeeee-hawwww! This is stampede week in Ponoka and don’t I feel like a city slicker. Somehow the pattern of life at this time of year cuts across the grain of my life and fails to intersect with the life of our congregation.

You won’t see me wearing cowboy boots and a Stetson although I was given a black one when I came to Calgary. I wonder what that meant?

As for the congregation, I haven’t had anyone suggest that we have a stampede BBQ or cowboy church or anything connected to stampede.

So it really does feel like we’re on the other side of the tracks or at least the highway. We have a life pattern that doesn’t run anywhere close to the stampede.

Whereas the stampede will be having competitions, entertainment, food and drink (a lot of drink), we will meet to pray, walk alongside people in their joy and sorrows, hang out with people institutionalized (come join me at Northcott at 4 pm) or with those pushed to the edges of our society.

On Sunday we will gather as God’s people at 10:30 am to worship. The Word will be read and proclaimed. We will experience God’s grace in bread and wine and we will hear from one of our missionaries, Linda Hermann.

I’m not sure what Linda will share, but I imagine she’ll tell us about how she is “cycling” like many of us – sharing the good news of Christ with people who need the healing of God in their lives.

St. Paul wrote, Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).

God in Christ has come to transform broken patterns: stampede patterns and the life patterns of you and me into kingdom patterns. What might that look like? Perhaps it begins with a big yeeee-hawwww for Jesus and his stampede of love and grace. Perhaps it continues as we get on the wild horses of life, trusting that our Lord is far greater than these.

Peace be with you as you ride into this week.

Pastor Tim

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  1. Everyone is invited to be at the stampede grounds on Sunday at 8:00 am for a Country Gospel church service. There is a pancake breakfast also happening so many people grab their plate, take a seat and enjoy the music and hear the Word. This year’s groups are Gospel 792 and New Song Band. The message will be brought by Ed Turner. You can fit this in and still make the service at 10:30. Hope to see you there.

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