Come Cycle with Us on June 23

cyclingI had a friend who was so into cycling that when the Tour de France was on he would set up his bike in front of the TV and cycle with them.

In contrast, when I get interested or passionate about something I tend to read everything I can on it and then begin to practice (cycle) what I learned. I certainly don’t end up putting everything into practice, but even the little I practice tends to change both me and those around me.

On May 26 people from our congregation filled out a church survey. Surveys produce information, but if that information isn’t somehow used (“cycled”), why even do the survey?

After worship on Sunday, June 23, you are invited to join us in not only learning more about ourselves and God’s call through our church’s survey, but also how we might “cycle” this information – put it into practice.

If you can, please bring a bit of lunch to share and hearts, minds and hands ready to cycle for God’s kingdom.

– From Pastor Tim

About TELC

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is an assembly of about 400 persons whom God has called and gathered into Christian community through their baptism into Christ's death and resurrection in order to participate in God's mission here in Ponoka Town and County and wherever we journey.
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