This Week at TELC

dare-to-be-a-disciple-story-3-picOn Sunday we worshiped, heard six young people profess their faith and listened to God’s Word calling us to follow Jesus, even if it costs us an inconvenience or sacrifice of some sort.

So how’s it going? Have you had to give something up for Christ or one of his children? Or have you avoided the cost and avoided being a disciple? If you have, turn back to Christ, confess your sins, trust in Christ’s mercy and start over.

This week at Trinity ELC feels light compared to last week.

Tonight we continue our reflections on what our new constitution might look like. This evening our leaders are looking at the topic of “membership.” The Scriptures never speak directly to this matter in an institutional form. Instead, the Bible continually describes the relationship of God and his people. Baptism is the way that we are born into God’s family and the Bible talks over and over again about what it means to be part of God’s family – members of Christ’s body.

Pastor Tim is heading down to the Rising Sun Clubhouse on Wednesday for lunch (12 noon). How about joining him there and visiting with some of the fine people who meet there (cost is $6 for a Bob Hepp special). Not much of a cost for being a disciple.

We’ve come through another year of Sunday school and will be reviewing this ministry on Thursday at 4 pm. What went really well and what needs to be improved? How are we shaping our children to be “salty” disciples.

On May 26 our congregation participated in a church survey as part of a process called Natural Church Development. Last week our NCD leadership team met to review the results of what people from our congregation said. We can celebrate that we are a relatively healthy and balanced congregation gifted with inspiring worship and loving relationships. Our weakness as a congregation though, is sharing the good news with unbelievers. On Thursday the NCD leadership team will continue its exploration of how we can learn to be more “evangelical.”

This Sunday we are once again called to worship God and listen for God’s voice. This week we will be considering the passage from 1 Kings 17:8-16, the story of Elijah and the widow.

Go in peace and serve the Lord!