This Week at TELC

CLBIWe’re moving toward the infamous May long weekend. The weather forecast has the weekend starting out nice, but ends with rain. At least it’s not snow and we do need a bit of rain even though some of our farmers would like to get their seeding done first.

The forecast at Trinity ELC though, is always bright because we stand in the light of the eternal Son.

That Light will be shining this Sonday as we gather for worship at 10:30 am. Pastor Tim is away on vacation, but Pastor Harold Rust from Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute will be joining us for the day. In addition, we’re hoping to have the lost “God story” of Percy Johansen shown during the offering.

We have a number of people who have or will be undergoing surgery and we ask that you hold them in prayer: Bob B., Betty S., Christina O., Frieda J., Ulla T. and Stan K.

If you’re away this weekend we encourage you to cut out some time and find a Christian community to worship God, the Creator of life and the one who has renewed life through Christ.