Mother’s Day – A Pastoral Plea

As this article notes, Mother’s Day, although a celebration of motherhood, fails to recognize the pain and suffering of many women who have not been able to be mothers. As we gather this Sunday and with the best of intentions, remember our mothers, may we also remember in our prayers those women without children who are equally loved.

Daring Lutheran

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. For the barren woman, attending church on this particular Sunday is often an exercise in frustration, woe, even great shame brought on by the absence of longed-for children. Far too often, we pastors help amplify these feelings in her.

This is a pastoral plea. Brothers, I beg you, remember every Sunday your entire flock. But especially this Sunday, remember all the faithful women who Christ has entrusted to your care.

Remember that a part of your flock have received from the Lord the blessed vocation of motherhood, whether their children are biological or adopted. In the prayers of the church rejoice with them, give thanks to God for them, and ask God to help them raise up these gifts from Him faithfully.

But remember too that many in your flock – whom you may or may not be aware of – have not received the…

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