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francis_givingIt’s Monday and it’s hot! Although the Weather Network says it’s 28 C, my thermometer  sitting in the shade is reporting 32 C.

That same heat hit me when I saw the congregation’s March financial report today. We have a $22,000 deficit!

Now some of you may think that I as a pastor ought to stay out of money matters. Well, Jesus didn’t. He spoke more often about money than any other topic. You have also called me to not only proclaim the Word, but to encourage you to be stewards of God’s money.

So what should we make of this large deficit?

The obvious fact is that we are spending more than we are giving in support of God’s mission here at Trinity ELC. Another fact is that what we are spending our money on is all within the budget approved by “US” – yes, you and me. A third fact is that giving and expenses normally fluctuate within the church’s year (we often get less in the summer and most in December). The last fact is that one year ago we had a surplus of $900.

So how ought we to respond to this situation?

I suppose if you have been faithfully giving as God has called you to, there is not much more that can be expected. Of course, if we were all tithing and sacrificially giving as the Scriptures teach, that $22,000 deficit would most likely not be there.

Faith and money are intimately connected. If I trust God’s promises to provide I should be able to increase my giving. It’s the “IF” that each of us need to evaluate.

I know that many of you who receive this posting are faithful supporters of God’s mission through our congregation and I thank you for that. I also know that when people do not attend worship their giving goes other places.

So I encourage you to give faithfully and cheerfully. I also invite you to encourage others in their worship attendance. Worship is the time to faithfully respond in worship to the God who faithfully given us everything, including his only Son.

We are a forgiven people and it is out of the joy of that forgiveness that we can give.

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