News from Linda Herrmann

garbage cansHi friends!

I get excited about strange things.

Like garbage cans.  I like them. A lot. Especially when, for the last 4 years, you could walk a mile or more in downtown Bangkok before finding one.

It’s not that Thais don’t like to throw their garbage into cans. It’s simply that they don’t like bombs. And neither do I.

During the red-shirt terrorist takeover of Bangkok 4 years ago, a bomb went off at least once a day and garbage cans were a good place to hide them. The police never caught the bombers. They thought the best way to solve the problem was to get rid of the garbage cans. Now the red-shirts control the government, so they aren’t afraid of bombs, and the garbage cans are back.

Two years without guns, bombs, coups, tanks in the street. Ahhh, rest for my soul.

But the man who really runs the government, a convicted felon who also happens to be a multi-billionaire, is now trying to force an amnesty bill through parliament so he can come back, free of all criminal convictions. That may cause civil strife – and the garbage cans will disappear again.  Life in Thailand, never boring.

Like last night – I took a motorcycle taxi home. The driver drove with just one hand as he argued into a mobile phone clutched in his other, non-driving, hand. With one hand driving, we went around 5 curves and across a major busy intersection, and he never quit talking into the phone. Like I said, life is not boring. I need your prayers!!

I need your prayers too as I continue to develop the role of YWAM Thailand Mercy Ministries Network Coordinator, linking together our  29 mercy ministries in 18  provinces who currently impact 18,696 of Thailand’s poorest, neediest and most vulnerable. Who are they?

Maybe it’s the 60 children who crowd into a thatched roof bamboo school in the middle of rice field in northern Thailand, hoping for a chance to learn to read and write. Their parents are migrant workers, some legal, some illegal, and without our help, they will grow up illiterate, doomed to a life of poverty and despair, just like their parents.

Or maybe it’s the street kids who sell flowers among the prostitutes and bars in downtown Pattaya, who need a safe place to take a shower, have a hot meal, and just be a child for awhile.

18,696 people. 18,696 stories. How I’d like to write them all, just so these forgotten, hidden ones will no longer feel invisible. Sometimes the people in the ministries helping them feel the same way.

That’s the reason one of my goals last year was to put my ‘feet on the ground’ in every place where YWAM Thailand was doing mercy ministries in a long-term way – to encourage and equip these small teams in the call God has given them. What a privilege!

And YOU have gone with me, into villages and slums and prisons, with your prayers and gifts.  Before I went, YWAM Thailand didn’t really know what our mercy ministries did– now, I have the facts, the figures, and I know the faces. God is doing AMAZING things, and He has even more in store!

He gave me Isaiah 49 and it is coming true J This week I meet with the Thai pastor who heads the Compassion Network for the Thai Church National Plan; next month, with the YWAM Network Coordinators from all over SE Asia.

And that’s not all. As you know, I am now part of YWAM Thailand’s Leadership Development Team (LDT). That means on top of the  Mercy Ministries Network Coordinating, and the coaching/mentoring/consulting I already do, I will team teach with the LDT, and with them, set up and staff a 6 week YWAM Leadership Development Course in the fall of this year. I’ll also: a) teach in a Prison DTS and the Hong Kong Compassion DTS b) finish my one year online CMI Coaching course, c) head home to Canada for 6 weeks June-mid July, to ‘fill the loving cup’ with family and friends (and speak in lots of places).

Help! I need your prayers. J  With all that God has me doing this year, I really need more of Jesus’ wisdom, strength, love and power. How can I pray for YOU?

In Christ Jesus, our strength and song in the night,

Linda               April 20, 2013 


In two more months (Sunday, June 30 at 10:30 am), I will be with you – I am so looking forward to it!

Here’s another way you are helping…

fish project13Waew, me, her mother – your gifts are helping this family get income raising fish. Waew is a former prostitute who has become an awesome evangelist for Jesus. Her family are now all believers too, and hopefully soon the village! When this fish project is successful, we hope to replicate it with other needy families in the area.

Right now though, I am in lots of meetings and doing lots of leadership development..including the 3 day YWAM National Leadership Team/National Network Coordinators meetings this past week.

From the work I did last year as Mercy Ministries Network Coordinator, we now know YWAM Thailand has 29 mercy ministries with 157 fulltime Thai and foreign staff in 19 provinces helping DIRECTLY 18,696 of Thailand’s most needy, vulnerable, abused and forgotten. If you count the families of those 18,696, you would multiply by 5 (in Asia, some say by 10 as the extended family is very important here)..that means about 100,000 people per year.

For me though, it IS NOT about numbers..I am overwhelmed at how much God is letting us love people in His name, and how many lives are being transformed daily. One life at a time. Isn’t that what following Jesus is all about?