Who Won the Oscars?

OscarsTrinity doesn’t have any Oscars, but if we did we’d award them at the first Council meeting as people are elected to positions of leadership and as liaisons to various committees of our congregation.

So here is our Oscars list:

  • Chairperson: Kent Kramer
  • Vice-Chair: Grant Jorgenson
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Kristine Boser
  • AV Committee Liaison: Grant Jorgenson
  • Building Committee Liaison: Ernie Hoffman
  • Cemetery Committee Liaison: Stan Hoffman
  • Christian Education Committee Liaison: Ronalie Campbell
  • Finance Committee Liaison: Myra Raugust
  • Missions Committee Liaison: May Hollman
  • Prayer Committee Liaison: Trevor Buss
  • Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid Liaison: Myra Raugust
  • Worship Committee Liaison: Carl Christianson
  • Youth Committee Liaison: Grant Jorgenson

These are your winners!