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Making Sense of the Cross_WebThis Wednesday we begin a journey. The starting line is called “Ash Wednesday” and it represents the traditional kick off to the season of Lent.

The word “Lent” originally meant “spring.” Lent is a time to
reflect on our baptism, and a time of rebirth and renewal.

The season is 40 days in length, excluding Sundays which officially remain bastions of the resurrection.

The altar colors are purple, to reflect the solemnity and somberness of the season. No “Hallelujahs” will be heard until we reach Easter Sunday.

In church history, candidates for baptism would fast during these 40 days, leading to their baptism at Easter. This is one of the reasons we’re hosting a study entitled Real Faith for Real Life. It takes participants on a journey into the life of discipleship and what it means to follow Jesus. Come to Trinity on Wednesday, February 20 at 7 pm and join others who are taking this six week journey toward baptism, membership, or simply to a deeper relationship with the living Christ.

The theme for this season of Lent is entitled Making Sense of the Cross.

We see crosses all around us. It is the central symbol of the Christian faith, but yet most people and most Christians would find it very difficult to clearly express what God is up to on the cross, and what the cross means for daily living.

To be fair, the cross is a mystery or more accurately, what God has done for us through Christ’s death on the cross is a great mystery.

It is why God’s act of atonement has been expressed in various ways across the centuries. Over these lenten weeks we will explore these metaphors and their biblical roots, and consider what the cross can mean for each of us, and all of us, today.

At the core of what we will consider are four questions:

  1. What’s broken about the relationship between God and humanity?
  2. How does Jesus’ cross repair what’s broken?
  3. What does this say about what God is like?
  4. And what does this say about our life in the world as Christ-followers?

Join us as we tackle these questions together and grow into the fullness of life that Christ has promised.

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