8 Things We Can Learn from Apple

imagesHospitality is not my spiritual gift, but even I recognize that congregations need to be hospitable. In fact, the more hospitable we become the more people are attracted to us. So how could we become more hospitable than we currently are?

I recently read an articlethat suggested the church could learn a lot about hospitality from Apple. Apple is that company that makes computers (Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads). they became big under the leadership of Steve Jobs, a Lutheran by background.

So what can Apple teach the church about hospitality. Well, read on…

A summary of their suggestions…

  1. Don’t sell the church.
  2. Enrich visitors’ lives from day one.
  3. Staff with grinning greeters
  4. Commission greeters who look like visitors
  5. Let visitors explore at leisure.
  6. Turn greeters loose.
  7. Show benefits, not features.
  8. Service, service, service.
  9. Train, train, train.