What are my spiritual gifts?

spiritual-gifts-postThere are a number of resources that can help you discern your spiritual gifts, but before I list some of those that are online, allow me to make these preliminary observations.

  1. We all have bits and pieces of every spiritual gift, but each of us has one or more gifts that stand out. For example, we are all given the gift of faith by the Holy Spirit. How else would we come to trust the Lord. However, some people are gifted with a faith that carries them and others through circumstances where the rest of us may waver and doubt.
  2. Although we are gifted with an extra measure of some gifts (Romans 12:3), we must still grow in the use of these gifts. They are like a seed that if left unwatered and without sun will not grow and blossom. On other hand, when nurtured through God’s Word, prayer and with the support of Christian community, these gifts will grow and blossom, producing the fruits of the kingdom.

Check out these online resources for determining your spiritual gifts. It may be useful to try more than one since the list of gifts may be slightly different or under varied names within each inventory.

Online Spiritual Gift Inventories:

Most important, after you’ve discovered your spiritual gifts meet with your pastor to talk about you might serve God’s mission using these gifts.