Devotions are intentional times set aside by a follower of Christ to be in the presence of God. It is time devoted to being in the presence of the Triune God, listening for God’s voice and talking with God. This time may involve Scripture reading, reflection and prayer.

We believe that we are always in God’s presence (Psalm 139) and are unconditionally loved by our Creator (John 3:16) and yet we need intentional time to be with God. It is a statement of

Just as Jesus set aside regular time to be with his Father (Matthew 14:22-23) and his disciples had the blessing of being with Jesus daily, so also we who are baptized children of God’s family and called to be followers of Jesus need to set aside daily devoted time to be in God’s presence, to listen to our God and speak with him. This is how the relationship of faith is grown (John 15:5-8), the fullness of life is unfolded (John 10:10), the well-being and balance of God’s salvation comes to us, and how we can experience God and walk with him in our daily living. Continue reading “Devotions”